Why the Gili Islands Should be at the Top of Your Bucket List

Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno make up the island trio located to the northwest coast of Lombok and just a short 90 minute fast boat ride from Bali’s Padang Bai. The islands are rapidly increasing in popularity as an idyllic escape in their own right due to the lack of motorised transport and green way of living.

Gili Trawangan

The liveliest of the three islands is Gili Trawangan, where a multitude of cool, hip bars and restaurants are stretched across the  shores, teamed with friendly locals serving up local and international dishes from day to night. Dive schools, mini marts and stylish boutiques flood the main strip, while authentic food stalls, cool reggae joints and bohemian retreats can be found further inland.

The crystal clear ocean is the ideal playground, and the variety of Watersports will have your adrenaline pumping for days. PADI scuba diving, freediving, surfing, stand up paddle boards and banana boat rides are among the fun to keep your days action packed. As the sun begins to fade, nightly reggae sessions can be found at Sama Sama Reggae Bar. Party nights are held on rotation so only one party is held per night.

Gili Air

Perfect for the budget, tropical island explorer, Gili Air can be reached in 30 minutes from Gili Trawangan harbour, with boats leaving daily at 9.30am and 4pm costing IDR25,000, after first stopping off at Gili Meno along the way. The island is endearing to those lusting after a secluded island escape from reality, while the circumference can be completed on foot in a mere two and a half hour walk. The east coast is filled with beach bars and restaurants of a laid back, hippy vibe, and the snorkelling gives great opportunity to catch sight of turtles. For unspoilt lands and sublime shores, head over to the west.

Gili Meno

Offering total escapism, Gili Meno is a great location for combining relaxation and mindfulness through the local Yoga and meditation classes with a spot of adventure diving or snorkelling in the crystal clear waters. Spend days lazing around in a beachfront hammock while indulging in fresh foods from the local cafés. Meno is the smallest of the islands and can be reached on the same daily departures as Air, taking just 15 minutes to reach from Trawangan and costing IDR23,000.

Gili Island trio is a great destination that should be at the top of every castaways bucket list.

Header photo credit Andres Abogabir on Unsplash


3 Must-see Temples in Bali


With so many temples to visit in Ubud, it is best to book onto a tour with one of the many tour operators. Many are local Balinese people with their own small business, and offer excursions of up to six people, costing around IDR400,000 (£23) per trip, for a full day. Tourists are taken out in the locals car to various temples, while being guided through the lands local history. This is an easy and affordable way to explore, however if you are feeling more adventurous, motorbikes can be rented from as little as £4 per day, just ensure you have a route planned before heading out. Here are three wonderful, sacred temples that are not to be missed.

‘Goa Gajah’ Elephant Cave Temple

The elephant cave temple is a popular addition to many of the tours as it is just 6km southeast of central Ubud. The entrance cost is a minor IDR15,000 (80p) and you can take as much time to wander as you like. The tour guide usually gives 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the temple, which is plenty of time to explore at leisure. A sarong is essential but this is one temple that hands them out upon entering. Simply wrap the sarong around your own clothes and return it when you leave.

The entrance to the cave has remarkable carvings of menacing creatures with an eye-catching elephant above the door, hence the name ’Elephant Cave’. The historic name is ‘Goa Gajah’, ‘Goa’ meaning cave and ‘Gajah’ meaning elephant. As you enter into the darkness, the small cave abruptly ends with a Ganesh statue to the left and a small worship area to the right containing stone Lingam and Yoni in honour of Shiva. Surrounding the cave are glorious, tranquil gardens, ponds and water features to roam around freely with admiration under the warm sun.

Among the grounds is a bathing spot with three wonderful stone carved water fountain features. A soak in the water here is said to ward off evil spirits, however it is not accessible for tourists unlike the Tirta Empul Temple. The traditional, exquisitely decorated temples with the nipa hut roof are dotted around the grounds and are a beautiful, unique site to see, adding vibrancy to the setting.

The temple itself takes minutes to explore yet the real attraction here is the beautiful surroundings of lush green rice paddies, grape vines and gardens, and a long flight of steps leading to a small waterfall. The sign leading ‘to the temple’ will guide you to the remains of a crumbled Buddhist temple. Elephant Cave is definitely worth a visit on any sightseeing tour.

Tirta Empul Temple

Better known as the Holy Spring Water Temple located in Tampak Siring Village, around 39km east of Denpasar town, the beautiful temple has unsurprisingly fast become a popular destination in Bali attracting many locals and tourists daily for both worship and admiration of the glorious grounds.

The temple consists of fine architectural detail and colouring throughout with many shrines dotted around the grounds under the traditional nipa hut roof, some shut off from tourists for private ceremonies. The striking holy water fountains are at the entrance where locals can be seen spreading the traditional holy bamboo trays, also known as ‘kumarang’, while preparing for ceremony. Take advantage of cleansing in the cooling water but ensure you bring a change of clothes as you must soak dressed but cannot enter the temple wet. The belief from the locals is that the holy water is purifying to the mind, body and soul. A shower in the fresh water sourced from the springs of the temple is said to eliminate all diseases and sins while giving new holy spirits ahead of their daily ritual prayers within the temples. Towards the west, the Presidential Palace – Istana Tampkasiring, can be seen stretched across the hill. The magnificent house was built during the years of Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia.

During our visit, we were lucky enough to catch a large ceremony from beginning to end. Such strong belief and commitment to worship of the locals here is both admirable and awe inspiring. From the beautiful dress, the scent of fresh flowers and burning incense infusing the air, to the soft music and chants from the Balinese people. The experience was truly heart-warming and simply wonderful.

Gunung Kawi Temple

A wonderful, historic temple, with a glorious setting of mountains and greenery, Gunung Kawi Temple can be found in Pakerisan River, near Tampaksiring village in Gianyar Regency, Bali. The temple is a great addition to a cultural day tour within Ubud where you can wander freely amongst the grounds that can be covered within the hour. Entrance cost is IDR15000 and as with most temples in Bali, it is essential for visitors, both male and female, to wear a long sarong upon entering.

The grounds are surrounded by lush greenery and rice paddies with many breath taking view points along the way. Take a moment here to admire the peaceful serenity then continue to be charmed by the local people making a living selling beautifully hand crafted items as you make your way down the 300 count stairway.

One of Bali’s oldest and largest ancient monuments will be quick to welcome you as you reach the bottom. Dating back to 11th century the 10 ‘candi’ shrines among the grounds are impressively hand carved from the cliff face and measure at a staggering 8m in height. The ‘candi’ shrines are believed to have been built for King Udayana, his Javanese Queen Gunapriya and their sons, Airlangga, Wungsu and Marakata, whom where previous rulers of East Java (Airlangga) and Bali (Wungsu). The four monuments on the western side are said to be dedicated to Wungu’s chief concubines. A small rocky river, hand carved fountains, and nipa hut roofed shrines grace the grounds, beautifully crafted and coloured, and the hard work and attention to detail outstanding. A blissful wander through the monuments, temples and rice fields will likely leave you feeling a sense of tranquillity and inner peace.

How to Find the Best Hotel Deals Anywhere in the World

With so many options available, finding the best hotel deals can be quite a challenge no matter where in the world you are travelling. To take some of the stress out of it for you and ensure you get the best deals whether you are travelling for a long weekend or taking a gap year, we have compiled a few tips and tricks that we have been using since we began travelling the world back in 2015. If you are ready to become a savvy traveller, read on!

Scout about on various intermediaries

Intermediaries such as Booking.com, Agoda, Hostel World, Kayak etc. offer a good variety of various types of accommodation for you to choose from. It really is great to see your options all in once place as you can easily compare the facilities and prices at each accommodation.

However, intermediaries set their own additional rate which means they often provide different prices. Make sure you browse on the various websites in order to get the best deals. For example, booking.com could be offering a 3-night stay for £160 inclusive of breakfast, while on Agoda you might find the same hotel WITHOUT breakfast or with different terms and conditions (i.e. non-refundable) for the same price, or even 10-20% higher/lower.

Therefore, you can make your decision based on the options. Would you rather pay £160 for a 3-night stay with breakfast and the option to cancel right up until the date? Or would you rather pay £140 for a 3-night stay without breakfast and risk losing your entire payment should your plans change. It really is worth considering such factors as it can save you money in the long run, and more money always means more travel.

Check out the hotels own website

Often hotels will offer deals if you book direct with them or you might find they are offering a complimentary breakfast for the same price. This is because intermediaries add an extra fee for acting as the middle man and connecting the hotelier with the consumer. However, when booking direct with the hotel, you eliminate the need for the middle man, thus eliminating the extra fee.

For example, during our recent trip to Geneva we reserved the hotel through booking.com at a rate of £1200 for 2 rooms, 4 people, 3 nights. While the flexibility to change the dates or cancel the booking entirely up until a day or two before our due arrival was appealing, breakfast wasn’t included and the price seemed fairly high compared to the rate of the ‘pay now/non-refundable’ option. After browsing on the hotels OWN website we came to realise the price was substantially lower at £850 AND included breakfast for our entire stay!

It is definitely worth the extra time to browse the various options available once you have decided on the accommodation you want to stay at. You could be making a huge saving or enjoying a few extra add-ons that will enhance your experience while saving you money when you arrive.

Book ahead

Often we hear people say how booking last minute will get you last minute discounts because the hotel are trying to get a quick sale rather than lose the money for an entire nights stay. However, based on experience, we say quite the opposite and our advice here is to always book ahead.

When booking last minute, there is always the chance that the hoteliers understand your desperation and take advantage of it. For example, let’s say you arrive in a new city late at night. The hoteliers know that you are not going to want to be roaming the streets with all your belongings for much longer. Therefore, they are able to charge you a hefty price based on your situation at that moment in time.

If you had booked ahead, you would have already had the accommodation at the best rate. When we say ahead, we say sooner the better. Once you know you are heading somewhere on a specific date, get that accommodation reserved. Even if there is a possibility that your plans might change, use the intermediaries mentioned above to at least make a reservation because the price of your reservation can even be lower than just turning up and hoping for the best. Also, becoming a regular member on booking.com could earn you ‘genius discount’ allowing you to save up to 10% off your entire booking. This might seem like a small discount but it can add up when you are travelling regularly.

How to Live the High Life while Travelling on a Budget

Indulging on fancy dinners and luxury hotels isn’t always top of the agenda when travelling on a budget, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. This article provides you with five of our key tips on how to live the high life while travelling on a budget. This means you get to enjoy all the luxuries while still keeping within your daily spends. We know you are probably thinking this is impossible right now, but read on and you will be surprised. All these tips are tried and tested and we use them on every single one of our trips so you can rest assured knowing that these tips are realistic and easy to implement, which means that you too can live the high life while travelling on a budget.

1. Compromise 

Before you read on, you must remember the most important thing is that you have to compromise. You have to really decide what is important to you and what is not. Is a big comfy bed with private bathroom the most important for you, then budget on point 2 and 3 below. If you are happy to sleep in a hostel, then spoil yourself with point 5 below.

Travelling on a budget has never been easier, you have just got to be savvy with your spending and not splurge on absolutely everything. If your goal is to travel for a specific length of time, you have really got to ensure your budget is going to see you through to the end and you aren’t going to be ET phoning home asking for a saviour within the first week of your trip.

2. Take packed lunches + snacks and splurge on a fancy dinner 

This seems like a given and if you have been budgeting over the past year or so to save for your travels, you’ve probably got this one on lock down. Everyone knows that eating out can be expensive. In some counties across South East Asia, food can be much cheaper than say, if you are travelling across Europe. But that still doesn’t mean that eating out is cheaper than buying snacks and packing a sandwich for lunch.

Another tip, always pack water. Especially in Europe, water can be very expensive, particularly at the top sights including museums which usually have free entrance. I mean, they have got to make their money some way, right? So, get your backpack and don’t be afraid to cram it with all the snacks and water to keep you going throughout the day.

Then, in the evening you can quite happily go and splurge on a luxury dinner because you wouldn’t have spent much throughout the day. After all, life is all about balance…

3. Budget on hotels to sleep in, pay for a day pass at a luxury hotel to use the facilities all day

Pick a hostel or a budget hotel to stay in for a couple of nights, perhaps with no facilities such as swimming pool, gym etc. Then, during the day you can head to a 4* or 5* hotel and pay a small fee for a day pass and enjoy their luxury rooftop swimming pool with city/mountain views.

Most hotels around the world charge as little as £5-£10, even in the UK. You can stay as long as you like and if you take note from tip 4 you can even save on food and drinks. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, check out Aloft hotels. Plus, they have a hotel right near the main train station so it is the perfect place to spend the day even if you are awaiting an overnight sleeper train…

4. Take the day/overnight sleeper train rather than an expensive flight 

Yes, it might take longer. But it is also more affordable, more cultural, and you will get to see some amazing sights on the way if you travel by day. If you travel over night, you will likely wake up to an incredible sunrise just like we did on our overnight sleeper train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, plus, you will have saved money on paying for a night in a hotel. Another bonus is that you will have a much more interesting story to tell about your experience traveling across country rather than just another cramped flight on a dodgy budget airline.

If you are in Asia, check out Seat61. If you are in Europe, there are many options depending on your route. For instance, if you travelling in one country try Go Euro or if you are inter-railing across multiple countries head to Interrail.

If you really want a slice of luxury while on a long train journey, check out the options for a private cabin and it will likely still rival the price of a flight and hotel accommodation.

5. Dress fancy, head to a sky bar

You are on a budget, perhaps you have been roughing it for weeks on end going from hostel to hostel and for one night you just want to feel like the prince/princess that you really are. Well, even if you are on a budget, get your best outfit hand washed, hang it out to dry, and the next evening throw it on and head to a sky bar.

There literally is no place better to feel like a million bucks and enjoy a slice of the high life. Yes, you might have to pay a little more than £1 for a drink (which won’t be served in a bucket with neon straws FYI) but, you only have to buy one drink to enjoy the incredible city views from above while escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life down below.

As you can see, even if you are on a budget you can quite easily live the high life while travelling. You can enjoy all the fancy sky bars, luxury swimming pools, and fancy dinners while making sure your funds last you your anticipated length of time on the road.

8 Beautiful Photos of the French Alps & Chamonix Town

To show you the beauty of the French Alps and Chamonix town we have put together ten of our favourite photos from our trip here at the beginning of the New Year. If you are inspired to visit after viewing our images, read more about our trip from Geneva to the French Alps here.

The French Alps is truly breathtaking. We will take you on a backwards journey from the top of the mountains down to the bottom and into the quaint town of Chamonix in just ten stunning photos.

First, the view from the top. Even if you aren’t going to take part in any snow sports, it is definitely worth a trip up the ski lift to enjoy this incredible view and watch as the skiers and snowboarders breeze on by.


Meanwhile, you can grab yourself a warming hot chocolate from this cafe featuring outdoor seating while you admire the view… img_8847


Best spot for an authentic bite to eat? Perhaps. IMG_9129


Back on the ground the views are unbelievable, and how cool is this pizza van!?img_9029

In Chamonix town centre you will find an abundance of quaint shops and cafes such as this. IMG_3047

Chamonix town centre is set in the heart of the vast mountains, it is hard not to be in awe of natures beauty here.


The French Alps and Chamonix have so much to offer and not just for the adrenaline junkies and their snow sports. Check out some of the other activities you can take part in here.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful city bursting with vibrant city life. However, like many other teeming metropolises it has its own frustrations, given that it is hectic and there is just so much to see! As with any city, Bangkok can be quite expensive if you are not careful. However, it can also be pretty cheap if you know just where to go and how to go about it. To guide you on your way to an affordable trip to this angelic city, we have put together a travel itinerary to make sure you catch all the best bits in as little as 48 hours. You can really experience so much in this short space of time, and with this itinerary you are sure to have the best time of your life in Bangkok.



Begin your tour by exploring the Chao Phraya River in the morning. The river has been referred to as the artery of Bangkok because it leads to different parts of the city including Nonthaburi. The boat cruise on Chao Phraya is cheap and exciting, and there is so much to see. A boat cruise makes it easier to see towering hotels and the breath-taking temples, and it is certainly the best way to begin your tour of Bangkok.


By the end of a boat ride, it would be approaching afternoon, and the next places to tour are the incredible temples.

Getting around to visit temples

By far the easiest way to get around Bangkok is by tuk tuk, however, be prepared to stop off at clothing factories because the tuk tuk drivers receive commission for every tourist they bring, given that the tourist spends a certain amount of time inside the store (approx 10-15 minutes). Nevertheless, tuk tuk’s are a fun experience and a great slice of Thai culture. Our driver spoke limited english but he did try his best to point out a few key landmarks as we where heading to the main attractions. For as little as 40baht we where driven around for 1-hour in the tuk-tuk and stopped at 5 attractions. The roads are crazy in Bangkok so make sure you hold on tight to the tuk-tuk for your own safety and hang on to your valuables whilst in the tuk-tuk to reduce the risk of theft whilst waiting in traffic.

There are so many temples in Bangkok such as the temple of the reclining Buddha, the temple of the dawn, the emerald temple, Wat Saket, Wat Traimit and Wat Suthat. Wat Saket otherwise called the temple of the golden mount provides a wonderful view of the whole city from the rising golden mount found within its premises. To see the Emerald temple, you must head to the Grand Palace. The latter is a major tourist attraction in Bangkok which is open until 3:30pm everyday, and whilst you are here you will get to see other attractions too such as the throne hall. However, be aware that foreigners are charged a lofty fee of 500 bahts compared to the smaller fees charged at the other temples.

Inside the Laying Buddha we got chatting with a local Buddhist Monk who told us some inspiring stories of Buddhism beliefs. Many related to the Modern Buddhism teachings I had attended back home regarding the strong belief in karma and reincarnation. Many temples do not allow photography, particularly inside so be sure to check the signs around the ground, and some require strict dress-code such as long skirts/trousers and long-sleeves. Some temples are free to explore in Bangkok and many are in the central area and within a short 5-15 minute tuk-tuk ride from one to the next.


Where to go out

After a long day spent seeing the city and the temples the best way to cap the day is a tour of the famous Khaosan Road. This is a vibrant part of Bangkok and the incredible nightlife is one you must experience at least once in your life. If you love to experience the weird and wonderful foods, shows, and drinks then this is the place for you. The street comes alive at night and is blocked off from vehicles to allow the trading of the night markets. Scorpions on sticks, buckets of mixers, and classic chang beers are a plenty.

Everything on Khaosan road is affordable including the multitude of bars and clubs. Check out Cavernous Lava Club, Roof Top Gazebo, Lava Gold, Brown Sugar and Club Culture for some cheap cocktails of the famous Chang beer.



After a tiring tour the day before you may need a good rest and something mild in the morning of your second day in Bangkok. A walk in the park will do it, and luckily, there are many parks in the city of Bangkok. The two popular ones are Lumpini Park and Benjakiti Park, as there is much to see here such as the gigantic bathing monitor lizards in Lumpini Park. The morning is also an opportunity to throw in a quick workout by using the makeshift gym centers at the parks.


After your work-out or leisurely walk, head out to Siam on a tuk tuk. Siam is the city centre and the home to beautiful malls, but of course you don’t have to buy anything to explore and enjoy it. After Siam, the next best place to spend an Afternoon is Chinatown – the food scene of Bangkok. There are many food shops in Chinatown where you can explore tasty specialty cuisines of your choice.


If you are up for more fun, then you don’t want to miss going to the night markets which can be found in several locations around the city including the huge Rot Fai Market, Srinakarin. If you fancy a slice of luxury and some breathtaking views of Bangkok, head over to Skybar at Lebua, Statetower. The bar has become more popular with tourists following its appearance on The Hangover. Be prepared to pay around 10GBP for a cocktail – the Hangovertini is definitely worth it if you are in the mood for a strong one, and the views are 100% worth the splash of cash.

Header photo credit: Florian Wehde on Unsplash


From Geneva, Switzerland, to the French Alps in One Long Weekend

Known as the “smallest of big cities” or the “city of peace”, Geneva offers a great location for  a weekend away. The city is compact and easy to walk around so it is suitable for every traveler. There is plenty to see and do and you can see the best bits within a day or two, which is why it is perfect to head over to the Alps for a day. The lakes and mountains surrounding Geneva provide a beautiful setting to stroll around the cobblestone streets and dig into the cities history. This trip would not be complete without a trip to the picturesque town of Chamonix, set at the foot of Mont Blanc, Europes highest mountain at 16,000 feet, Chamonix is renowned as one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan ski resorts in the French Alps.



The Old Town is a great place to stay because its within walking distance to most of the attractions, shops, and restaurants and is ideal for art and antique lovers. Stroll around the cobblestone streets where you can discover the history of Geneva by exploring the sights and monuments and digging for medieval treasures in the old antique boutiques.

Our stay at Fraser Suites in the Old Town was not disappointing. Upon arrival, my parents were upgraded to the Deluxe suite as a birthday gift to my Dad from the hotel. Both our apartments were stunning and for approx. £250 per room per night we were spoilt with a stylish apartment with floor to ceiling windows in the lounge, a separate bedroom with en-suite, and a kitchen with all the equipment one could wish for including an amazing Nespresso coffee machine that I just have to buy now I’m home.


There are many sights to see in Geneva in the winter such as the famous Jet D’eau Fountain, St Pierre Cathedral, Frankenstein monument, and the Palais des Nations. The top sights around the city can be done in a day or two depending how long you wish to spend at each location. The Natural History Museum is also worth checking out and spending a long afternoon here. Geneva is also a great spot for shopping and it helps if you’ve got a bit of cash to splash as many of the shops are high end. If that’s up your street, check out the Old Town, and depending on the days you are there, you might stumble upon the local markets.

On our final day we visited CERN, the science and innovation centre in Geneva, which is a short 25 minute tram ride from the Old Town. We were lucky enough to book on a free two hour tour which take place on a daily basis throughout the week. Tours become available 15 days prior to the date of the tour, and then another batch of tickets are released three days before the date of the tour. Apparently they sell out fast so you have got to be quick to book, but its definitely worth it if you are intrigued on their ground breaking innovations. At CERN, there are many physicists and engineers seeking answers to some of the world’s most powerful particle accelerators. It is really impressive and worth a tour if you have the time.


Geneva can be pretty expensive compared with other parts of Europe so its best to plan ahead for restaurants so you don’t get caught out with a hefty dinner bill. I did a LOT of researching online checking out different restaurant reviews, comparing prices and ensuring quality food and a good atmosphere. Travelling with my parents over my Dads birthday meant that I just had to find the perfect spot serving quality food but wasn’t going to cost us an arm and a leg. Our first night was spent at Café du Soleil and was our favourite dinner here in Geneva where we devoured a selection of super tasty chicken burgers and veggie burgers.

On our second night, we headed to Chez Ma Cuisine which offers a sampling of Swiss fast food. Famous for its half a chicken, which my parents and boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed, Chez ma Cuisine offers a cheery and warming atmosphere with home cooked food that is simply perfect for kicking back with after a busy day exploring. Both restaurants were affordable and we paid around £15 for a main while cocktails and beers tend to be a bit more expensive than back home in the UK coming in at around £15 a cocktail and £9 a beer. If you are splashing the cash on dinner, check out Café Papon by St Pierre Cathedral that has many top reviews.



After seeing the most that Geneva city centre has to offer within a day, it is most definitely worth the two hour coach journey to the quaint town of Chamonix in France. Tours can charge a hefty fee of around £250+ per person, however, it is easy enough and much more affordable to take the coach and travel with your group there and back. A return ticket costs as little as £35 return with coaches leaving at various times throughout the day and returning quite late. We arrived around midday and headed back at 5pm and found that was the perfect length of time to explore Chamonix and get back to Geneva with enough time to enjoy dinner.


Chamonix is a stunning town wedged in between mammoth mountains that is bound to leave you speechless. The scenery as soon as you step of the coach is breathtaking and after a short five minute stroll from the bus station you will be in the heart of Chamonix town where you can wander the cobbled streets featuring an abundance of charming shops, cafés, and restaurants. Although Chamonix has been a popular ski resort since the 19th Century, there is plenty to do even if you aren’t hitting the slopes such as wine and cheese tasting and visiting the various museums.

If you are feeling more adventurous, head up the ski lift and enjoy the spectacular views of the snow-topped mountains from above. This will cost as little as £15 for a return trip depending on how far up you go. We went three quarters of the way up to Aiguille Du Midi and the view was spectacular. You can spend as much time as you like once you arrive and there is a spot to grab a warm hot chocolate while you watch the skiers and snowboarders pass through the slopes. There is also opportunity to go on hiking trails, husky sledging, ice climbing, snowshoeing, and helicopter tours and paragliding. If you are planning an action packed trip, it might be best to book an overnight trip here or even spoil yourself with a few days.